Monthly Archives: June 2021

Accessing your GP practice

We thank all our patients for your continued support of the practice and patience during this difficult time that has affected us all.

The landscape of General Practice has changed significantly since COVID. Like all practices we have seen a surge in demand for appointments. We do however have a limited number of resources and appointments which means that we have to work more efficiently.


This does mean changing the way we offer our appointments.

  • To help us streamline our appointment we are asking all our patients to complete an e-consultation where possible.
  • This is assessed and triaged by a GP who will be able to allocate appointments based on clinical need.
  • This has meant we can prioritise those patients who need us most urgently.
  • If a GP/ clinician feels a clinical need for a face-to-face appointment, then you would be offered one.
  • Please be assured that we have conducted face-to-face consultations during the pandemic and continue to do so now.


  • TELEPHONE LINES We understand that our phone lines do get busy and our reception team work tirelessly to answer all calls. We would encourage as many people as possible to use our online e-consult platform.

    NHS APP 

    We also encourage you to use the ‘NHS’ app which allows you to view your medical records. The more people that use the online platform means less busy phone lines allowing us to answer to patients in a timely manner.


    Our practice Nurses continue to see patients face to face for dressings, childhood immunisations, some injections/vaccinations (non-travel) and cervical smears.


    We are fortunate to have two new senior prescribing clinical pharmacists who have joined our team to help with reviewing medications for patients with chronic conditions.